Home affordability is
at the lowest in 40 years1

Foyer is on a mission to save the dream of homeownership.


Americans were priced out
of homeownership last year2


20-30 y/o want to own a home in 5 years but cite down payment and starting know-how as their main obstacles3

7 years

Average length it takes for first-time homebuyers to save and it’s getting longer.4

Providing confidence to first-time homebuyers

Inflation is outpacing the American consumer

Foyer helps savings work much harder.

With interest rates on mortgages doubling nearly doubling from 2021-2023, we believe it's vital to help Americans save better and faster for their first homes through higher yield and more predictability.

Chris G., 29. Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Has been renting for 3 years and hoping to buy in 2 years.
Home prices keep getting higher

Foyer empowers through education for first-time homebuyers.

50% percent of homebuyers are surprised at closing costs related to the home purchase. The average first time homebuyer spends nearly 50% of their down payment on closing costs. We believe in helping FTHBs better understand where there money may be going and empowering them to ask the right questions to get the best deals.

Liz F., 31 and Jerome B., 33. Detroit, Michigan.
Newly engaged and hoping to buy in three years.
The market is complicated and stacked against buyers

Foyer is growing a network of real estate agents and lenders who specialize in first-time homebuyers.

Today, almost 90% of homebuyers use a real estate agent. But 2/3 of buyers go with the first agent and lender they meet. It's important to find partners who can guide you, whom you can trust, and who understand local markets. We think we can help first-time buyers save time and energy by confidently connecting them with the right partners. That's why we're bringing some of the best onto the platform. These professionals are excited to work with customers who are actively saving to buy a home.

Latisz L., Real estate agent in Birmingham, MI specializes in working with first-time homebuyers.

Enter a new way to save for your home.

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